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Nomads statement on violent conduct

A recent video being shared virally depicts two golfers involved in a violent altercation at their home club. While the aggressor in the incident was a Nomad at the time, Nomads South Africa strongly condemns his actions, as well as any other acts of violence at golf clubs and beyond.

Nomads considers any such actions unbecoming of a Nomad and against what the organisation stands for.

While the incident occurred in a regular club tournament and not a Nomads-sanctioned event, we wish to assure all Nomads and outside parties that Nomads South Africa is taking the matter seriously and is dealing with it as a top priority.

The individual in question has been withdrawn from next week’s Firethorn Nationals and has been suspended from Nomads with immediate effect while we follow due process and work with Benoni Lake Golf Club to investigate the matter fully.