Nomads has very defined aims and objectives, being mainly:

  • To provide an opportunity for persons of all walks of life to meet one another at least once a month, to play a game of golf and to make new and cement old friendships;
  • To encourage, promote, foster and support the game of golf;
  • To generate funds for distribution to charitable causes and assist those persons, regardless of race, colour or creed, in a less fortunate position than ourselves.

Involvement in Nomads has its basis firmly based upon the principle of what you as a Member can do in furthering our aims and objectives. For this reason membership of Nomads is by invitation only. Life as Nomad can be an incredibly enjoyable experience – the sense of common purpose and camaraderie that extends across international borders is something truly special.

Should you feel that you wish to explore possible membership further, please contact the Captain of the Club in your region, or a member of your own club who is an existing Nomad, either of whom will be more than happy to spend time with you answering the many questions you may have. They will then invite you to play a game with us as a visitor so that you may experience first-hand our rules, regulations, manner of dress and the general manner with which we relate to each other.

Should you decide that this environment appeals to you, you will then need an existing Nomad to propose your membership application. They will write a letter of motivation to the club committee that outlines who you are and precisely why the proposer thinks you are Nomadic material. This has nothing to do with your golfing prowess and everything to do with your basic character. The club committee will then issue application forms to your proposer.

Your proposer will complete a proposal form on your behalf. This form, together with the prescribed fee, would then be handed in to the Club’s Membership Officer.

You will then be included in the ensuing monthly games, so that a broad number of Nomads may have a chance to interact with you. Your application is in the meantime presented before the Executive Committee for approval.

After the prescribed number of games, which varies slightly from club to club, you will meet with the Captain, where your Intention of becoming a Nomad is reaffirmed.

You are then inducted at the following monthly game and your life-long association with Nomads will commence.