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Nomads making a massive difference to junior golf

A recent report by GolfRSA showed how Nomads continues to make a massive contribution to junior golf in South Africa. The report revealed how Nomads sponsors 11 events on the junior boys golfing calendar, which gave playing opportunities to no fewer than 390 different players.

In addition to the boys events, Nomads also sponsors the SA Girls Championship and the SA Girls Rose Bowl, two of the biggest events on the junior girls’ golfing calendar.

GolfRSA CEO Grant Hepburn commented, “Nomads’ influence in junior golf has seen many of the country’s top young talents develop into accomplished professionals who do South Africa proud on the world stages. I have no doubt that we will continue see a steady stream of youngsters progress through the ranks, having benefitted from Nomads’ generosity – both financial and through the many dedicated volunteers who assist with scoring and administration of events.

“Nomads’ annual sponsorship is critical to the development of the game, particularly among disadvantaged youths in South Africa. The sponsorship allows GolfRSA to reinvest the money into golf development by covering the entry fees for underprivileged golfers to play in Nomads events. Nomads’ support provides GolfRSA with a very important piece of the puzzle that makes up the delivery strategy of GolfRSA.”

The development players have not just been making up the numbers, either. The report revealed that in 2018, 65 players of colour took part in Nomads Boys events, impressively racking up 35 of the 110 top-10 finishes for the year.