At this time, 50+ years on from our founding, we, once again repeat a toast to our magnificent sponsors

Rowlin National Brokers

Rowlin National Brokers

Rowlin National Brokers is an authorized Financial Services Provider who has for over 30 years provided insurance services nationally and is a PROUD SPONSOR of Nomads.

Rowlin has earned the trust and confidence of all our clients, including the Nomads National Golf Club and the insurers we represent. An in-house policy administration system has empowered Rowlin to act on client’s behalf in all aspects of short-term policy administration and claim settlements, which makes it possible to deliver uniquely quick and satisfying service to those we serve.

Although we fully appreciate that ongoing efficiency and quick administration at claims time are vital components of our clients’ peace of mind, we also understand the need for comparative premiums, focused policy benefits, specialist consultation and proactive advice and expertise concerning risk management. This is why Rowlin goes beyond delivering them minimum standards, but also through our support and sponsorship became a member of the Nomads Golf team.

Rowlin being one of a few fully composite insurance brokers, provides quality service in both short-term and long-term insurance.

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Until then the toast remains ….. “OUR SPONSORS!”.

If you feel you have read these sentiments, or something similar before, then you are most probably correct; the wording may have been assembled differently, the phraseology probably more succinctly put, the appreciation and gratitude may well have stepped off the page more forcibly but without doubt this is the most important message that Nomads wishes to express.


Simply put, the sponsors many contributions have directly enabled Nomads to honour our aims and objectives and place us firmly in the view of not only the golfing world, but also the view of the public at large in that we are organisation who truly “through golf remember others less fortunate than ourselves”.

If you ask any knowledgeable member of the golfing fraternity in South Africa what we as Nomads do, the chances are that they would not use the exact words “through golf…..” but instead would come up with a multitude of statements which communally says the same thing. Therefore it is equally to be expected that if you were to ask any Nomad to express his gratitude in respect of our sponsors you would end up with almost as many different versions as there are Nomads in the organisation but in essence they all have a common theme – “Thank you for being there and supporting us as you do”.