The Nomads National Executive Committee is entrusted with the day to day management of the organisation and is comprised of the National Chairman, the Immediate Past National Chairman, the National Senior Vice-Chairman, the National Junior Vice-Chairman, the National Secretary, the National Treasurer, the National Golforama Chairman and the National PRO.

The National Executive Committee deals with any matter that is referred to it from time to time, or with matters that arise during the time between Management Committee meetings or National Council meetings, and which require urgent attention.

Member Club Executive Committees are made up of dedicated club Captains and committees with whom we have been blessed over the years. All of whom, to a greater or lesser degree, have added their own stamp of individuality while guiding our clubs, maintaining the discipline and spirit which is synonymous with the name of Nomads, and adhering strictly to the Nomads Principles.

Although each Nomads Member Club is an autonomous body devoting its energies to its own local causes, it is clear that our methods and organization are common to all, just as membership of the Nomads is exactly that – a member of one club is a member of all.

Nomads members’ insignia, the organisation of our meetings, our proceedings, our competitions and even our prizes are common to all clubs, just as also are our aims. If our specific charitable causes are not the same they are similar and we are all completely dedicated to the game of golf in Southern Africa.